I like to read. And one of my favorite things to do when i’m just sitting at home with my (many) cups of tea is to read webcomics. Today I’ll share a few and I recommend you try them if you haven’t already.
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Monday morning workout

I had my first day back at the gym today. I’ve been away way to long with Christmas, new years, school starting and a lot of procrastination. But today I did it, 09.30 I was ready to pump some iron. Or not.
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Saturday morning

Happy Saturday everyone!
I hope you all are having a good weekend so far. My Saturday morning consists of cups of tea, books, blogs, youtube, and doing schoolwork really slowly. I’m writing my bachelor’s thesis this semester, and I must say, it’s not the most fun I’ve had. But it has to be done. The good thing is that while having such a big task ahead I don’t have many classes to go to and I can focus on that one thing. It also means that in between focusing I also have the time to read more, exercise, and very soon start with driving lessons. (eep!) But I digress.. this post was going to be about my Saturday morning, and so far it’s very good. (I’m already on my third cup of tea) I have to go to work later, but that’s still many hours away and for now I can just relax, read and catch up on all you lovely peoples blogs. What do you spend your weekend on?

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Try a new posting style – Blogging 101, day 4.

As you have probably noticed if you’ve popped by on my blog and had a look, I haven’t been sticking to the tasks of Blogging 101 every day. So I’ve decided to just do them on random, trying to keep up as good as i can.
And for todays assignment I chose to “Try a new posting style”.

As always I was a little bit unsure of what to do, but I decided on an inspirational post with a lot of pictures. Todays theme is interior and I found some beautiful pictures that gives me inspiration and thoughts of how i want my apartment or house to be, when I some day grow up and get my very own place.
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Write to your dream reader – Blogging 101, day 3.

My dream reader. You can be so many different people.
But today I will focus on writing to you, fellow Internet/social media addict.

I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and i enjoy it. I read blogs, I tweet, I check facebook a million times a day.. and I watch Youtube videos. Yes, yes..I know. I spend way too much time on Youtube for someone who isn’t making Youtube videos herself. But I love it. I don’t have a TV at my house and Youtube provides plenty of entertainment, my subscription list is proof of that.

Today I will share with you three of my favourite Youtubers. I know I enjoy seeing other peoples favourites, may it be videos, books or whatever, and I hope you see something you like here today.

The girls I have chosen today are all beauty and lifestyle Youtubers/vloggers/bloggers, and so much more.
Here we go:
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Say your name – Blogging 101, day 2.

I’m a “little” behind on the Blogging101 tasks, but here I go again. I think I’ll take them one at a time, in my own pace. It’s still helpful, and it’s mostly for me I’m doing them anyway. The task for day two was to come up with your blogs name -and a tagline. Phew! This is really hard and I probably won’t be happy with what I come up with the first time around. But that’s ok.

Welcome to Now & the future!

Perfectly vague and a tiny bit too dramatic. Fun times.

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Why don’t you

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Spring cleaning

It is January, and it’s about time I got some order back in my life. I’ve started school again, a couple of weeks back, and I feel like the days are mostly back to normal.
But i still want to get more organized (don’t we all..?)
I am the kind of person who loves having a tidy house/room, although i seldom get around to actually tidying. But when i do..let me tell you! I can spend hours upon hours and have a great time “tidying” and cleaning. I go through every little thing I have lying around, but I never throw anything away. As a student that lives on 14 square meters, that results in a lot of mess. Piles of paper and things I could have gotten rid off.

In June I’ll be done studying (for now) and I thought that this spring would be the perfect time for me to actually get something done. When I move in the summer I refuse to take with me all this..stuff! I’ll go through my things, tidy, throw out all the garbage collecting dust and give away things I don’t need.

The categories I will be going through are:

– Clothing. My closet is full of pieces I never wear. The clothes that I don’t need or want to keep I will collect and give to the Salvation Army.

– Makeup. I like makeup. No..I don’t just like makeup, i LOVE makeup. Trying out new products, creating looks and just playing around with it is one of my favorite past times. I have collected quite a bit of products over the years and much of what I have is too old and gross or things I don’t enjoy using. Those products are all gone! (Or they will be very soon.) I will also try to use up the products I’m left with, before I buy anything new. (eep)

– Bookshelf. This is not a very precise category. For the most part it’s not books. My books are for the time being placed at my moms house for safe keeping until I can get my own apartment, big enough for me to live in and at the same time have room for shelves with books and movies among other essential furniture. My current bookshelf contains many, many papers, some books mostly for studying, DVD’s, art supplies I use too rarely, more clothes stuffed in boxes and more garbage.

So here it is black on white. I’m looking forward to beíng done with all of it and have a less cluttered room and life.

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Introductions – Blogging 101, day 1.

I’m starting off with a well known cliché: A new year, new possibilities.
For a long time I’ve wanted some sort of creative outlet. This might be it. Who knows?

2015 begins with this, a new project, without any real goal other than giving myself a space to be creative. I don’t yet know what I will be posting about. It might be books I’ve read, as i love reading. It might be music. Maybe I’ll write about my day to day life as a student in Oslo. Or something completely different.
2015 will be a very busy year for me. I’m graduating from school, I’ll be writing my Bachelor’s thesis this semester. Which means that in June I’ll no longer be a student, something I’ve been for the last five years of my life. I have to move out from my student housing and find an apartment and a real job. There will be so many changes for me, and maybe that’s what I’ll end up writing about. I’m looking forward to getting started with the new year, this blog, looking up my fellow blogging101’ers and just seeing where 2015 takes me.
Let’s go!

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MOOCer og e-learning, hotte trender som har kommet for å bli.

This is an old post I re-posted/restored now in 2015. It’s in norwegian and it’s all about how I tried different MOOC’s and types of e-learning. I truly enjoy learning something new and e-learning is a great way to do that. Memrise is my fave site and is definitely worth a visit.

Jeg har prøvd flere forskjellige typer e-læring og kurs på nett og mener alle burde gjøre det samme. Det er så gøy! Man kan jo lære hva som helst, der ute på nettet.
Men spørsmålet er: hvor skal man begynne? Det er en jungel av muligheter. Hvilke sider er de beste, hvor mye tid er man villig til å bruke på det og ikke minst hva vil du lære? MOOCs (massive open online course) er en av det hotteste trendene når det gjelder e-læring, og eliteuniversiteter som Harvard, MIT, Berkeley og Princeton har alle laget sine versjoner av kurs på nett. Du kan lese mer om det her og se denne videoen om hvordan teknologi endrer læring. Jeg tror det er viktig at flere får øynene opp for dette som helt klart er fremtiden. Jeg vil ikke gå så langt som å si at skolene blir overflødige og at man ikke trenger klasserom og undervisning i det hele tatt. Men jeg tror dette kommer til å endre måten vi ser på, og organiserer læring.

Vil du ta en MOOC eller vil du kanskje lære noen nye gloser i fransk eller et helt nytt språk ved hjelp av memoreringsverktøy? Jeg har prøvd begge deler og vil dele noen sider jeg liker, med deg.

1. Memrise
Memrise fungerer som et spill. Du klikker deg gjennom nivået du skal lære og får poeng for hvert svar som er rett. Den minner deg på når du må repetere for å få kunnskapen inn i langtidshukommelsen. Nå tar jeg kurset ”Basic french” og føler faktisk at jeg har lært noe. Det er engasjerende og underholdene på samme tid. Først “planter” du ny kunnskap i korttidshukommelsen, så må du “vanne” jevnlig for å holde den ved like og feste det i langtidshukommelsen. Memrise har også en “follow” funksjon der du kan følge andre som lærer det samme som deg, da kommer de opp på ditt “score board” og man kan sammenligne poeng og konkurrere litt, om man ønsker det. Det finnes også forum for de forskjellige kursene der man kan spørre om hjelp og diskutere.

2. Cerego bygger på det samme konseptet som Memrise og vil fortelle deg når og hva du trenger å repetere. Her kan du også lære alt fra gloser til navnene på alle hjernens deler og annen trivia. Personlig liker jeg Memrise bedre fordi siden er lettere å navigere, har bedre utvalg av kurs (for min smak) og fungerer generelt litt bedre. Cerego har dessverre noen bugs som kan være veldig irriterende. Jeg prøvde meg på kinesisk (Chinese core 1000: step 1), men når du får oppgitt et tegn og må skrive inn den engelske oversettelsen vil ikke systemet godta svaret, det er enten oppgitt for få eller for mange bokser å svare i (du får oppgitt antall bokstaver i ordet, og du skriver inn en bokstav i hver boks). Jeg håper dette er noe som blir fikset. De beskriver seg selv som “Your essential memory management tool”, men vil nok ikke bli essensiell for meg før slike småting som nevnt over blir ordnet. Det er like vel en side som er verdt å ta en titt på.

Å gjennomføre en MOOC er (stort sett) mye mer jobb enn både Memrise og Cerego. De andre er huske-verktøy, mens i en MOOC, tar du et kurs som er laget ved et av de mange universitetene som tilbyr dette. Jeg har prøvd to forskjellige MOOCs men er stadig inne for å se om det er noe nytt som frister.

3. Coursera
Som et testprosjekt i fjor, da jeg først kom over konseptet MOOC, tok jeg kurset “Useful genetics part 1“. Det var en ny verden. Ikke bare fordi jeg aldri har satt mine føtter i en bok om genetikk, men fordi hele læringsopplegget var så anderledes. Undervisningen foregikk gjennom videoer som professor Rosemary Redfield la ut på “klassens” sider. Vi hadde et eget klasse-forum hvor alle introduserte seg selv men også hadde faglige samtaler. Kurset gikk over 12 uker, med obligatoriske tester og oppgaver. Det var også forventet en arbeidsmengde på 6-8 timer per uke.

Nå nylig, i forbindelse med studiene mine og faget “Strategi for vekst” har jeg meldt meg opp til MOOCen til professor Arne Krokan “Teknologiutvikling og samfunnsendring”. Her lærer du om alt fra commoditytjenester, nettverkseffekter og digital økonomi. Temaene er kjempe spennende og relevante, og et supert supplement til tradisjonell klasseromsundervisning. Arne Krokan er professor ved NTNU og er først ute i Norge med en MOOC. Les mer om kurset her.

Kom igjen, lær noe nytt!

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